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It's a useless vanity domain webpage. No, really.

Vanity page? how sad.

Sorry. It doesn't hold a journal, or a great big List-O-Links, or a series of meaningless pictures (it may do, if I'm sufficiently bored in future). I really don't think the world gives too much of a toss about my mental state at the moment, and anyone who knows me already knows what sort of things interest or bore me.

So why is it here?

I wanted a place to keep my public GPG key. And there's nothing more pathetic than a Cobalt holding page. If you're going to have a vanity domain, you might as well be bothered to spend five minutes throwing something together to show that it's not just one of the zillion or so cybersquatted domains out there. So I ripped off the stylesheet for another site I did a while back.